The Crooked Descent of the Badger Family

Every town has its share of secrets, but few are as gruesome as the tale of the Badger family living deep within the woods of Central New York.

It's believed that this family hidden away from society is the cause of the areas many missing people. The county residents think that the Badger's have been living off the land - and anyone who crosses their paths, for generations.

Many also feel that they continued their family's bloodline through incestual acts. But one-year mama Badger was no longer able to bear children, and the girls had all died, so measures had to be taken.

It's been many years since anyone has ever actually seen the Badger family. Authorities have called their existence nothing more than an urban legend, which has lead some to think that the local authorities might have something to do with all the missing people.

For the Mitchell family, the nightmare of the Badger's is more than real.

The Mitchell's 6-year-old daughter, Jane, went missing about ten years ago, and her disappearance will forever haunt them. Many believe that the Badger boys had been told by their beloved mama to find her the daughter she was no longer able to have, so they set out to add another member to their family. Some folks have said they saw Jane in the woods while hunting or hiking, but no one has ever gotten close enough to prove that it was her.

Others say that if you're in this area of the forest, you can hear torturous screams and cries for help floating on the breeze, but most people are afraid to go near it. So if you dare come to Crooked Descent Horror in Badger Forest searching for Jane Mitchell, be prepared to claw your way out screaming in terror as the Badger family looks to add more members to its dinner table!