Frequently Asked Questions

Absolutely no, pets, alcoholic beverages, cameras, smoking, flashlights or weapons of any kind!

Health & Safety

Yes you are required to wear a face mask at all times upon entry and yes there will be sanitation stations.

No actors will touch you @ Crooked Descent Horror LLC and we must insist that you do not touch any actors or props. Unauthorized touching will result in you being immediately being escorted off property and we will take full action with the law.

However, they do get very close. Occasionally you may brush up against their costumes or props, or you may get bumped into by a actor or a person in your group by accident. You may also come into contact with some of the sets. This is all accidental and part of the show.

No flashlights, no cameras, no video and all cellphones are to be turned off upon entry. If you are caught using your flashlight or taking pictures our actors are trained to immediately take action with 1 warning anything after that we will have to end your walk early. We take our scaring very seriously. If your phone is out and gets lost during the haunt, You will be able to retrieve it the next day.

Uncle Billy is ok, but he has to pay like everyone else.

If you are pregnant, prone to seizures, heart problems or other serious health issues please be forewarned. We use lights,strobes, scents and music to create a sensory mix that has been known to overwhelm our visitors. Crooked Descent Horror may not be for you.

No open shoes are allowed, pants and long sleeve shirts or hoodies are highly recommended as we are an indoor and outdoor attraction and you will not be happy if you weren’t prepared with the proper clothing!

General Information

Approximately 15-20 minutes. Everyone has a different pace.

Due to us being an indoor and outdoor attraction we are weather depending, we will always have an update on our FB page along with instagram and Twitter if we’re canceled due to the weather.

Our actors are very intense and we’re not letting up for anyone, this is a one of a kind haunt where actors may swear, or curse at you. There will be no racial slurs allowed or tolerated!

We wait eleven months of the year for this…what do you think?

Crooked Descent is recommended for adults, teens, and mature audiences only. We recommend 12+, although with parent consent we will consider it.

Any actor or security personnel can escort a patron in... distress... out via any one of several emergency exits. You will not be issued a refund, If you are too scared, we did our job.