To our amazing supporters

This season has brought challenges to each and every one of us due to Covid-19, but our incredible team at Crooked Descent Horror have worked countless hours to assemble an attraction like none other, even during these unprecedented times. With your help we can make this year’s horror season one that we will never forget. We take pride in the precautionary measures but also take them very seriously. Please follow these simple guidelines in order to ensure the safety of all who wish to participate.


We get it. You’re sick of them just as much as we are but it absolutely HAS to be done. If you are not wearing a mask then you will not be able to enter Crooked Descent Horror Attraction. If you do not have a mask we will provide you with one for 25 Cents.


This year, we are giving goers the option to schedule a time in advance for $5. This is NOT an extra charge. This is simply to ensure your time slot. The difference will be subtracted when you arrive and receive your ticket. You may also pay the full price prior to arrival in order to have a completely contactless transaction. Walk-ins are still welcome! Our lines will be structured so everyone is six feet away from one another.


All tickets are now timed ticketing, meaning you’ll need to reserve a window of time to arrive on property. This will limit large crowds arriving at one time, and ensures extra space for social distancing. If you place reservations it is a $5 deductible, reimbursed upon arrival & subtracted from your ticket.

In addition, our team will be wearing PPE at all times. Temperatures are taken everyday and if anyone is feeling illness of any sort, they are to be sent home. At the same time we also ask that if you are feeling illness at all, that you do not attend our attraction. Hand sanitizer will be provided by our hardworking staff for your benefit!

We are ever so thankful for the support from everyone thus far. Our vision wouldn't be possible without YOU as we patiently await the horrifying festivities...