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About Us

We started out as Herkimer County Haunted House (The Dark Side Of The Valley) for our 2018/2019 season, located in Herkimer New York. With two successful seasons, we decided to switch up our name so we could be more versatile and not one set location.

With the new year of 2020, we decided on a brand new name, and location. We now present you Crooked Descent Horror LLC. Sontino Cacciatore, owner, designer, and operated has really had passion for haunted houses and horror ever since he was young. As an October baby, and setting up a small haunted house every year in his garage, sonny knew he wanted to be in this industry ever since he was young.

“It's in my blood," Sontino Cacciatore, said. “You will not find another haunt like ours, we offer new school ideas mixes with old traditions and techniques. We’re very unique and creative and our actors are what brings us to life. Horror runs through our veins and we will continue to give the people amazing one of a kind attractions, scares, and fun they deserve."

The time, dedication, love, and passion we have put into this is to make sure you leave this attraction more than satisfied. We will continue to grow and prosper. This is just the beginning.